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India is at a tipping point. Our country needs clean politics and sensible economics. We need leaders with ideals, integrity and intellect who wish to serve, not to rule.

AAP is India’s first and only political movement that has, as its foundational objective, the empowerment of India’s common citizens and businesses. Within just two years, AAP has shown to a youthful, aspiring India a workable agenda that is truly non-partisan and free of vested political, religious, caste, regional, and business interests. With your blessings and generous financial support, AAP will give Delhi a stable, capable government that will be the benchmark for economic democracy and participative politics not just for India, but for the world. Please invite your friends and family as well to join AAP and be part of this movement.

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The donation given to AAP is exempt under Income Tax Act 1961, u/s 80GGB/80GGC. To Donate, Donor shall be an Indian citizen either living in India or abroad (NRIs with Valid Indian passport). (Only, people who hold Indian Citizenship can donate as per Indian law) Please declare so by checking the box. NOTE: People, who do not hold Indian Citizenship, can still contribute by working as volunteer for the party.
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